Expanding our service across the Borough of Waverley

Big Lottery LogoHome-Start in Waverley (formerly known as Home-Start Farnham and Haslemere), part of the UK’s leading family support charity, won a five year award from the Big Lottery in 2011 to extend their service comprehensively across the whole of Waverley Borough. The five year programme is being rolled out in stages. We have been able to extend our service to Godalming, Elstead and Bramley during 2011/12 and expanded into Cranleigh in 2013.

Whist this is indeed good news for Waverley, the project can only be successful if we continue to receive support for our Farnham Scheme. Funding for the Farnham Scheme remains completely independent from this Big Lottery award, and continues to be wholly dependent on the ongoing generosity and support of Farnham townsfolk, Surrey County Council and a number of local Trusts. This support has understandably softened since the credit crunch, constrained by our national and local economy, and although our Management Committee have been working hard to create more opportunities to win funding, we are still in need of some £40,000 each and every year, to provide the core service in Farnham.

Dolores Robertson, Scheme Manager, said if you feel you can help us either in our fundraising efforts or by volunteering please call us at our Farnham Office on 01252 737453, or email us through our contact us page.